Tourism potential of Gothuruth Boat Race(GBR):

First boat race in Ernakulam district to celebrate Platinum jubilee.
GBR, which proudly enters the 75th year, is held in the heartland of 'Musiris', possibly the country's best heritage tourism project with an investment of ` 260 Crore from Governments of India & Kerala.
Since 1938, the boat race is conducted every year on third Sunday of September, which happens to be the feast day of Holy Cross, as well.

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Organisers, Spectators?

GBR boasts the whole hearted cooperation and active participation from tens of thousands of residents belonging to 'Musiris' islands like Gothurthu, Kurumbathurthu, Valiya Panickan thruruth, Sathar Island, Pazhamibilli thruruth etc., in addition to natives of mainland areas including Moothakunnam, Chathedam Thuruthippuram and Kottappuram, both as oarsmen and spectators. Officially though, The Sports & Arts' Club Gothuruth is the organiser of GBR.
GBR forms a mega 'Aqua Fest' of over 7000 families hailing from various islands

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How did GBR survive the test of time for almost seven and a half decades?

Families belonging to Gothuruth, numbering over 2,500 have been religiously extending financial support to GBR over the last 75 years. Their donations, just as an extension to the offerings to the feast of Holy Cross helped organisers of GBR ensure the initial working capital. With passing years, the expenses for

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Historical boat race, at an oar's length away from city:

GBR is historically the most important race held in close proximity to the city of Kochi. The venue of GBR is just 8 km. from Cherayi beach; the islands hosting GBR is located 4 km. away from Munambam & Azheekkode beaches.

The tributary of Periyar playing host

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  • A two month long campaign period during the festive season of Onam,  in assosciation with an event like boat race, which has strong ties with the local psyche.
  • Options of deploying decorated boats with publicity material like hoardings during four other small and medium boat races held ahead of GBR,  in August & September.
  • Being a boat race is held in connection with Feast of Holy Cross, publicity ensured by means of notices in 39 main churches and 15 ancillary churches falling under Diocese of Kottappuram, on consecutive Sundays.
  • Publicity by means of  banners and arches in the 20 km. stretch of National Highway, from Paravur till Kodungallur.
  • Coverage through news paper reports and special supplements, right through the race week.
  • Live coverage in TV news bulletins, during the course of the race.
  • Non stop, live telecast of the race in local TV channels.
  • Race to be webcast for the benefit local population abroad, with sole Brand promotion for the Sponsor.
chavittu nadakam

Vallamkali Organized by

Gothuruth Sports and Arts Club (SAC)